CLAIR i-5b Sub, Low Frequency Vertical Array Loudspeaker

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CLAIR i-5b Sub, Low Frequency Vertical Array Loudspeaker

    CLAIR i-5b Sub Information:

    Today’s live productions often require serious low end performance and the CLAIR i-5b™ low frequency line array module provides the serious solution. The i-5b features a single, vented 18 inch speaker enclosure designed to provide maximum bass impact in conjunction with any CLAIR i-Series line array system. This high performance cabinet delivers exceptionally clean, tight low frequency output throughout the venue, and is ideal for any medium-to-large indoor or outdoor application where ground support may not be a physical or aesthetic option. Modules are available in dedicated stage left and stage right configurations, and will seamlessly integrate with the system by matching the curvature of the main array when flown. CLAIR’s AlignArray™ rigging and prediction software allows the i-5b to be flown quickly and safely, and includes all necessary rigging hardware on the cabinet. Durable Finn Birch construction enables the i-5b to withstand the most intense program material and operating conditions.

    CLAIR i-5b Technical Data


    Stadiums, Arenas, Theaters, Amphitheaters, Outdoor Festivals


    CLAIR AlignArray™ Rigging Complementary to CLAIR i-5 Line Array Systems

    Physical Data:

    Weight: 140 lbs

    Height: 21.5

    Width: 31