Aphex 622 Dual Channel Logic Assisted Expander/Gate

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The 622 is a dual channel Logic Assisted expander/gate. It incorporates new, proprietary detection circuitry that provides the most reliable, accurate and stable operation of any gate. The unit has the ability to increase dynamic range, along with lowering the noise floor of any equipment, and uses the highest quality VCA's to assure that there will never be a click in the audio material during gate operation.

The 622 offers a high quality audio path, flexible high-Q key filters, key headphone outputs on the front panel, and remote controlled bypass relays. These features make the 622 the unit of choice for controlling audio leakage in stage and studio applications, manipulating external audio programs for voice-overs and automatic level changes, or reshaping any sound envelope.

The 622 will also help keep vocals clean, bass sounds tight and fat, or help in controlling feedback.

• Two channels of Logic Assisted Expander/Gate
• Logic Assisted Gate
• Circuitry combines sophisticated level detection with logic generated control voltage assuring positive, stable and accurate triggering regardless of attack time
• Dual mono or stereo operation
• Proprietary Aphex VCA 1001 voltage controlled attenuator assures the highest audio quality, speed and freedom from DC control feed through (no clicks regardless of attack time)
• Switchable parametric filters (-24 dB/octave) with frequency and bandwidth controls allow user greater ease of frequency selection
• Dedicated downward expander mode allows high resolution of ratio adjustment from 1.2:1 to 10:1
• Switchable ducking mode
• Fully adjustable control of trigger threshold, attack time, hold time, release time, expander ratio, and attenuation range
• Simple and accurate metering system
• +4/-10 operation, rear panel selectable