d&b J12 Enclosure

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Used d&b J12 Line Array Speaker. The J8 and J12 loudspeakers are acoustically matched and constructed to be mechanically compatile sharing the same vertical directivity, size, footprint, weight, rigging and driver complement. The 3-way design featuring two 12" LF drivers, one hornloaded 10" MF driver and two 1 .4" exit HF compression drivers with 3" voicecoils mounted to a dedicated waveshaping device. The symmetrical dipolar arrangement of the neodymium LF drivers around the centrally mounted coaxial MF and HF components allows a smooth overlap of the adjacent frequency bands in the crossover design. The 80° horizontal constant directivity dispersion pattern of the J8 is maintained down to 250 Hz and its high output capability can cover a distance range of over 100 m (330 ft), depending on the climatic conditions . The J12 has a wider horizontal dispersion pattern of 120° maintained down to 250 Hz. Packaging or system cost please contact us.