ENI 3100LA RF Power Amplifier , 250 kHz to 150 MHz , 100 W , Parts

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ENI 3100LA RF Power Amplifier, 250 kHz to 150 MHz, 100 W

Serial Number 682

This unit is being sold for parts as it is not functioning properly.


ENI 3100LA RF Power Amplifier, 250 kHz to 150 MHz, 100 W

The 3100LA is a class A power amplifier. The 3100LA is designed for RFI/EMI applications as well as general laboratory purposes. The 3100LA delivers low distortion amplification over the entire useful frequency range.


Frequency Range: 250 kHz to 150 MHz
100 W output power
55 dB gain (nominal)
Front panel metering
50 Ohm impedance
N(f) connectors, input/output
115/230 Vac; 50/60 Hz operation
Weight: 60 lb; Size: 222 mm (8.8 in)H x 432 mm (17.0 in)W x 432 mm (17.0 in)D

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