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    EV ND6, 3" High Frequency Compression Driver, 16 ohm

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    • The Electro-Voice ND6 is a world-class high-frequency compression driver capable of extremely high acoustic output over a wide frequency range. Precise engineering, along with careful selection of materials and advanced driver architecture, has resulted in a driver that is ideally suited for the most demanding presentation of high quality music and communications program. Incorporating Electro-Voice’s exclusive Ring Mode Decoupling (RMD) through all design phases has produced drivers with unmatched accuracy while minimizing acoustic resonances and time domain ringing throughout the driver structure. The resulting small size and weight-to-power ratio of the ND6 assures easy installations where weight may be a concern. The 2.15 Tesla flux density provided by the Neodymium magnet exceeds that of conventional drivers at a fraction of the size. A unique, geometrically optimized 3" titanium diaphragm, consisting of a one-piece dome and suspension system gives these drivers an ideal combination of superb high-frequency response and resistance to fatigue. Integrated into the ND6’s design is a finned aluminum heatsink to increase power handling and reliability.  Pure aluminum rectangular voice coil wire is used to obtain the highest sensitivity. Proprietary bonding and winding technologies assure unsurpassed reliability. Electro-Voice’s commitment to precision compression driver manufacturing and modern design techniques assure the ND6 user the highest level of audio and engineering excellence.

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