CLAIR FF2H Compact Front Fill Loudspeaker

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One of the challenges of any live production is ensuring that every seat in the house enjoys the same consistent sound quality and clarity. The Clair FF-2™ solves defined coverage issues with superior audio quality and an unobtrusive design, making it the ideal solution as a proximity fill, near field monitor, or portable distributed system.

A 1.5 inch compression driver coupled to a 60° V x 40° H proprietary waveguide provides clear high frequency, while a custom single 8 inch driver augmented by a dual port provides powerful low/mid frequency reproduction.

Measuring approximately 8 inches high and less than 23 inches wide, the compact FF-2 is engineered to blend seamlessly with the main sound system as a downstage edge fill, balcony fill, floor monitor or backstage cue monitor. Stand-alone applications include theaters, houses of worship, trade shows, auditoriums and corporate event systems.

Constructed of high density Finland Birch and rugged polyurethane end caps, the FF-2 includes truss and pole mounting options.



Front Fill

Under Balcony

Near Field Monitor Delay



2-Way Design

Low Profile Enclosure Size

Truss or Pole Mounting Options


Physical Data

Weight: 25 lbs. 

Height: 8” (35.3 cm)

Width: 22.25” (56.5 cm)

Depth: 8.5” (50.8 cm)