JBL 2258HPL Neodymium (NDD) 18" Transducer Speaker, 8 ohm (Minor Issues)


  • Sometimes we discover "minor issues" that will cause us to fail a speaker during a sweep. You may never hear them and if you do you can probably make some adjustments to solve the issue.
  • We have a very high QC standard. When a speaker is checked and swept across all frequencies, we sometimes hear something that we call a tic. A tic could be one of several things, such as:
    -The leads could be hitting the back of the cone at low frequencies when driven hard.
    -There could be a glue blob on the basket that's hitting the surround when driven hard.
  • In some cases the speaker will have a slightly sunken spider.  This does not affect the audio quality.  We pull them from our speaker cabinets because of how hard and consistently we drive these speakers.