MOXA 16-Port Device Server, 10/100 Ethernet, RS-422/485, RJ-45, 15KV ESD, 110V

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19-inch rackmount device server NPort 5600 device servers come with Tx/Rx LEDs for the serial ports on the front panel, and the 16 RJ45 serial port connectors on the rear panel. This makes the NPort 5600 device servers suitable for standard 19-inch rack mounting, allowing you to simplify operation, maintenance, and administrative tasks.
  • ·Real COM/TTY ports. Real COM/TTY drivers are provided that make the serial ports on the NPort 5600 recognizable. In addition to supporting basic data transmission and reception, the NPort drivers also support the RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, and DCD control signals.
  • · LED indicators to ease your maintenance tasks. The System LED, Serial Tx/Rx LEDs, and Ethernet LEDs (located on the RJ45 connector) provide a great tool for basic maintenance tasks and help engineers analyze problems in the field. The NPort 5600's.
  • LEDs not only indicate current system and network status, but also help field engineers monitor the status of attached serial devices.
  • · Adjustable termination and pull high/low resistors. In some critical environments, termination resistors may be needed to prevent the reflection of serial signals. When using termination resistors, it is also important to set the pull high/low resistors correctly
  • so that the electrical signal is not corrupted. Since no set of resistor values is universally compatible for all environments, the NPort 5600 has DIP switches on the bottom panel for setting the termination and pull high/low resistor values.