Shure WBH53 Wireless Headset Condenser Microphone, With LEMO FVB.00 Connecter, Extra EQ Caps and Windshields


  • The WBH53 headworn microphone is the wireless version of the Beta53. It delivers detailed, uncolored sound, sensitivity and consistency in a nearly invisible ultra-thin and fully adjustable design.
  • The Beta 53 microphone itself features an extended frequency response and high SPL handling ability. The Beta 53 is uniquely designed to provide the sound quality and performance consistency required for environments such as professional theater, event production, trade shows or seminars - the best sound with minimal visibility.
  • Comes with microphone and 4 ft cable, only.  
  • No ear pieces. 
  • No wire frame.
  • This microphone looks to be brand new.
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