CLAIR i-3 Medium Format Line Array

The CLAIR i3 Compact Line Array appropriately addresses and fulfills the demands and requirements of a touring compact line array. It is an extremely efficient, compact line array ideal for theaters and smaller venues where sound quality, coverage, space, ease/time of set up and truck packing are all priorities.  The i3 uses CLAIR proprietary and patented technology. It has unparalleled horizontal coverage; at 145º, optimum coverage of the widest venues can be achieved with one array per side. Each box has an approximate vertical dispersion of 10º (true vertical dispersion is determined by the number of boxes, set angle and frequency) and utilizes an enclosure design with an included angle of 10º. It is also extremely lightweight; at 100 lbs. per box it can be easily manipulated for stacking (with additional stacking hardware) or flying the array.

Buy Now: $3,000.00