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Welcome to the CLAIR Used Equipment Store.  We sell used pro audio equipment.

What is the CLAIRusedgear.com?  Very simply, we sell used professional audio equipment that CLAIR Global no longer needs.

CLAIR Global is an Entertainment Technology company that supplies the entertainment and music touring industry with technology, sound augmentation systems and services.  We stay way ahead of the curve when it comes to purchasing and using new technology.  When we upgrade or purchase new gear we frequently end up with unneeded gear and it's this gear that you'll find here at clairusedgear.com

If we don't need it, we sell it and guarantee your satisfaction with a 14-day replacement policy (or your money refunded if we don't have a replacement).

If you don't know the CLAIR story, you can find it here: http://clairglobal.com/about/

All CLAIR Used Gear is checked by our technicians before it is sold.  Everything is in good working shape when it is shipped to you.  The Clair logo and address will be removed from all purchased gear (as long as it doesn't ruin the functionality of the gear).

If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us at usedgear@clairglobal.com

Thank you for stopping by.


CLAIR i3 Compact LIne Array




 Lab Gruppen PLM 20000Q, SUB PACKAGE, Using CLAIR i-5b

Sub, Low Frequency Vertical Array Loudspeaker




















Studer Vista 5 SR Digital Mixing System

Includes Tour Case






            Telex RadioCom BTR-800-C3 UHF Intercom System