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CLAIR Global i-3, 3-Way Speaker Cabinet, (Medium Format Line Array)

CLAIR Global i-3, 3-Way Speaker Cabinet, (Medium Format Line Array)

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Used CLAIR Global i-3, 3-Way Speaker Cabinet, (Medium Format Line Array)        for Sale

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 Clair Global is an Entertainment Technology company that supplies the entertainment and music touring industry with technology, sound augmentation systems and services.  We stay way ahead of the curve when it comes to purchasing and using new technology.  When we upgrade or purchase new gear we frequently end up with unneeded gear and it's this gear that you'll find here.

If we don't need it, we sell it and guarantee your satisfaction with a 14-day replacement guarantee (or money- back guarantee if we don't have a replacement).

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The CLAIR i-3 Compact Line Array appropriately addresses and fulfills the demands and requirements of a touring compact line array. It is an extremely efficient, compact line array ideal for theaters and medium to large venues where sound quality, coverage, space, ease/time of set up and truck packing are all priorities.  The i-3 uses CLAIR proprietary and patented technology. It has unparalleled horizontal coverage; at 145º, optimum coverage of the widest venues can be achieved with one array per side. Each box has an approximate vertical dispersion of 10º (true vertical dispersion is determined by the number of boxes, set angle and frequency) and utilizes an enclosure design with an included angle of 10º. It is also extremely lightweight; at 100 lbs. per box it can be easily manipulated for stacking (with additional stacking hardware) or flying the array.

CLAIR'S proprietary rigging is conveniently incorporated into the design of each enclosure; no other rigging hardware is necessary. The rigging allows the system to be configured with different angles between each of the enclosures, thus optimizing the coverage for each venue; these angles are: 0º, 1.25º, 2.5º, 5º and 10º.  The array can be suspended from one point with the utilization of a safety, making the system ideal for theaters and smaller venues where there is typically one sound point per side. In addition, a two-foot top extension bar can be attached to the top grid to allow an upstage motor and a downstage motor to be connected when desired and available. This gives the user the ability to adjust the whole array to fine tune the vertical coverage once the array is at its trim height. The i-3s travel in groups of four, thus minimizing assembly time and utilizing truck space efficiently.  



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