Middle Atlantic Products RLNK-SW620R Remote Control AC Power Strip

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Middle Atlantic Products RLNK-SW620R Remote Control AC Power Strip


The Middle Atlantic Products RLNK-SW620R is a 1 rack space AC power switch.

The RLNK-SW620R-NS RackLink 20 A Rackmount Power Switch from Middle Atlantic is a practical web-enabled power management system that sets a new standard for A/V installations. Set it up in less than 5 minutes and it will monitor the power and temperature conditions of your system, log and alert you to any irregularities, and even reboot or take another action to correct problems on its own. It is easy to set up and operate, with an open architecture that integrates seamlessly with leading control systems-even your smart phone-and is compatible with 'cloud'-based services but is not dependent on them.

Easy set up, with simple plug & play installation

Monitor and log numerous key environmental variables, including input voltage, load current, and local temperature

Tracks and provides instantaneous notification of anomalous voltage, load current and temperature conditions

Detailed logging of environmental variables and alerts

Auto Ping monitors remote IP devices and automatically restarts if remote device stops responding

Proactive and automatic fault resolution

Local control of outlets via manual switches

Integrated web server with either static or dynamic IP address for browser-based access and control

Open-architecture serial communications protocol provides 100% cloud compliance, without cloud-dependence; and seamless integration into any RS-232 or TCP/IP-based architecture

Extend control outside the rack to anywhere in the facility through dry contact outputs

Data log for every monitored variable once every 5 minutes, and also immediately on every alert condition (surge status, threshold breaches, auto-ping no response, input voltage and connected load fluctuations)

Data logs can be saved locally in CSV format, or extracted remotely via IP or RS-232

Control systems can schedule specific commands to be sent to this device at set times


Note this has a 20amp Edison male AC plug. It will not plug into a conventional 15amp Edison outlet.


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