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CLAIR Used Gear

Shure UR4D-H4 Handheld Package (2x UR2)

Shure UR4D-H4 Handheld Package (2x UR2)

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Used Shure UR4D-H4 Handheld Package (2x UR2) for Sale

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Clair Global is an Entertainment Technology company that supplies the entertainment and music touring industry with technology, sound augmentation systems and services.  We stay way ahead of the curve when it comes to purchasing and using new technology.  When we upgrade or purchase new gear we frequently end up with unneeded gear and it's this gear that you'll find here.
If we don't need it, we sell it and guarantee your satisfaction with a 14-day replacement guarantee (or money- back guarantee if we don't have a replacement).
Please note that the photos shown are representative of the units we have available to sell and are not necessarily of the exact unit you will receive.
Applicable sales tax will be applied.
Unless otherwise noted, everything is in good working condition when it is shipped to you. 

This Complete Package consists of:

(1) Shure UR4D H4 Receiver 518-578 MHz

(2) Shure UR4D-H4 Handhelds w/SM58 Capsules

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