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TELEX SS-2002 Dual Channel Speaker Station

TELEX SS-2002 Dual Channel Speaker Station

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New TELEX SS-2002 Dual Channel Speaker Station for Sale

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Clair Global is an Entertainment Technology company that supplies the entertainment and music touring industry with technology, sound augmentation systems and services.  We stay way ahead of the curve when it comes to purchasing and using new technology.  When we upgrade or purchase new gear we frequently end up with unneeded gear and it's this gear that you'll find here.
If we don't need it, we sell it and guarantee your satisfaction with a 14-day replacement guarantee (or money- back guarantee if we don't have a replacement).
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New in Opened Box 

Easy Wiring

Via XLR “loop-through” or push-type wiring terminal block.

Panel Mic Key

Selects built-in panel microphone or gooseneck microphone (when present) when in the ON position. Selects headset/handset when in the OFF position.

Speaker Key

Selects the built-in speaker in the ON position and the headset/ handset when in the OFF position.

Channel Select Switch

Used to switch between intercom channels one and two. The switch lights green for channel one and red for channel two.

Call Key

Used to send call signals on the intercom channel and to indicate incoming calls.

Intercom Talk Key

Only momentary (push-to-talk) is possible.

Panel Mic Connector

Accepts an MCP-90 series microphone.

Clear-Com Compatible

The SS-2002 intercom speaker station may be used with a headset, or with the built-in speaker and the panel microphone or an optional gooseneck microphone. As an alternative to a headset, a telephone-style handset may also be used. The SS-2002 provides switch selectable access to either of two intercom channels. The SS-2002 comes in three versions to suit a variety of applications. The "S" box is a portable version. It has a carrying handle and dual "loop-through" intercom connectors, which permit stations to be quickly, interconnected using prefabricated cables. The "P" box is a stationary version. It also has dual "loop-through" connectors for quick interconnection, but the case is designed for desktop or console-mount applications. The "U" box is designed for permanent, in-the-wall mounting. It uses push type wire terminals for connection to the intercom system. In addition to the standard SS-2002 unit, there is a two-channel "RM" version. The rackmountable ("RM") version is suitable for desktop use, or can be rackmounted using the optional RM-14 rackmount kit.

Please note that the photos shown are of the exact unit you will receive.

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